Instructions on printing materials

Instructions on printing materials

On this page you will find instructions for preparing print-ready material, delivering the material and your product’s post-processing.

You can obtain more information from our technical support.

Print-ready PDF files

Our production system is based on the PDF file format. For process management and material checking, we offer our clients a functional material monitoring and checking system through the Internet. Our equipment supports PDF transparencies.

We adhere to ISO 12647 quality standards in our production.

Page size

The size of the pages must be the same as the trimmed size of the product. A 5 mm allowance has to be left all around the trim. Also register marks must be put in the file.

All elements on the inner pages will be defined as process colors, or CMYK colors. A cover printed with a sheet machine has the option of additional color (define a 5th color as a spot color).

In order to obtain a stronger black for larger color surfaces, we recommend using the following color combinations:
100 % black (K)
30 % cyan (C)
20 % magenta (M)
20 % yellow (Y)

We use the following overprint setting in our prepress system:
• With 100 % black overprinting is always been used
• CMYK white code is opened
• the overprint settings of the colored elements are preserved

This means that the original file for 100% black and CMYK white is overwritten. When you prepare your material, pay particular attention to the unchanging overprint settings of the color elements. The body text should always be 100% black (only black, not a rich black).

Delivery of material

We make a functional screen proofing system available to our customers over the Internet. According to an agreed naming procedure, the named pages are sent to our server into their own file, from which they are transferred through RIP as screen proofs to their own webpage. The customer or reproduction department approves the pages, at which time the pages are automatically transferred to production.

Downloadable instructions and profiles







Environmental Sertificates

The Swan Logo files ready for press
The Swan Logo black (PDF)
The Swan Logo cmyk (PDF)

PEFC files ready for press
The PEFC Label black (PDF)
The PEFC Label cmyk (PDF)
The PEFC Label 3D (PDF)

ISO 9001 and 14001 files ready for press
ISO 9001 14001 ENG CMYK (PDF)

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